Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My faith On You Sai Baba

All said someone's victory cames upon from the help and favour from a man and an a woman. But in my point of view, someone's success is depends on his or her own experiences in their love life. Pain,debt,hurt, failure, death, fight, humiliated by people, get cheated, untrustworthy, they are all the main characters which help someone to achieve their love life goal one day.                                  Why we worshipping lord. Who is the lord can we see ??? Why we do pray to someone that we couldn't see or touch. Who are the god ???
They is faith !
The creature we put trust and loyalty.
God is you and trust on among yourself will lead you to the feet of lord. I knew this after I become sai baba devotee. Sai baba is human being, he is a holy father who help all of the poor and sick people around Shirdi. Sai baba have millions of devotees all over the world. I just found out that sai baba have to travel millions of miles to help millions of people all over the world. I do think, why all my ambition still in pending request but no answer from sai baba. As I was wondering how to get blessing from someone if we bribe them with sweet words. But the great sri shirdi sai baba will take a look at you if you call him for sincere without any complicated mind. That's what I have learned these few weeks. What is actually going to happened I don't know. But what I know is, I'm deserved to get blessing from sai baba. My faith and patience on him will reward me someday. Sai ram. He sees us, he knows us, he cares us. He is Lord Shiva. He will never let your stomach empty. If you hungry. No food and nooney? Chant sai ram. The food will come to you. Trust me. Sai ram"s miracles.
I could just wish sai baba accept my 9 Thursdays vratham hopefully and bless me. If I done any wrong or mistaken please forgive me sai baba.
I hope this blog will help some one to get guided by you. Om sai ram ♥